Sajel is an Occuptional Stress and Trauma Specialist and Global Thought Leader. She specializes in the sciences of well-being, human connection, positive transformation and growth for individuals and organizations.  She develops and delivers programs and talks around the world, engaging audiences in quality conversations and learning experiences. 

Sajel is an expert in cultivating the space and conditions for enhancing work-life experiences, relationships and psychological safety in various arenas with ease.

Sajel interweaves evidence-based strategies and solutions into her stories, bridging expertise with personal experiences, creating meaningful content and tangible and take-aways for her clients & audiences.


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"Sajel's depth of knowledge and skill as an enthusiastic speaker, engaged our members throughout her interactive session. She provided tools and strategies that we will leverage everyday!"


Human Connection & Culture Cultivator

"Sajel creates a safe space for her audience and clients to share. She facilitates productive discussion and reflections to embrace being human."

"Sajel's workshop and expertise was SO powerful and inspirational. She is an excellent resource!"

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Professional Speaker