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The goal at SOS Psychotherapy is to help you

move from your pain and step into your possibilities.

Belonging to a culture where opening up about trauma, mental health, stress and the suicidal mind is not widely accepted, makes it more difficult to seek help and support when it is most critical to your own well-being. 

Sajel understands firsthand, both personally & professionally, as a spouse & family member to several first responders.

Caring & Compassionate

As a leading expert with lived experience, working with first responders and their spouses,  Sajel Bellon is proud to be able to make a difference in keeping families together and supporting couples in navigating occupational stress and it's influence on their domestic relationships. 

Sajel supports members and their families through the discomfort and pain, by guiding them through the therapeutic process with evidence-based practices and integrated interventions.

Clients experience feelings of growth and  comfort, re-establishing a sense of safety and sanctuary in their lives and relationships.

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