How are the Ripple Effects of Occupational Stress Impacting Your Life?

When you have a better understanding of how stress works, you have the ability to influence how it effects you and the people you care about. Sajel helps professionals gain real perspective on how we talk and manage stress as individuals, in organizations and as a society. It is through buildingthis awareness an equipping our selves with the right tools and strategies that we can be catalysts for changing our current culture. Imagine, moving away from a stigma-ridden saciety and towards more connected communities. Utlimately, enhancing our human caonnection, will lead to stonger, healthier living professionally and personally.

Sajel is an international expert on human connection and well-being, leveraging her professional and educational backgound in business, adult education and mental health. People connect with her personal experiences and the knowledge she shares, empowering their own potential for personal and professional change.

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