Move from Pain to Possibilities™

Meet Sajel

Sajel Bellon believes in Leaning Into the Full Experience of LIFE.  She fights passionately for people to have access to knowledge and skills, enabling them to live full and meaningful lives, according to their own definition. She supports all individuals, communities, and organizations in building their Mind Armour®. Drawing from ground-breaking research and evidence-based interventions, Sajel designs and creates engaging content and experiences, motivating people to move from their Pain to Possibilities™.

Meet Mind Armour®

Mind Armour’s® embraces the whole human experience. By arming you with an understanding of how the brain and your emotions work, you can learn how to leverage stress and other common human experiences. Mind Armour® essentially empowers and equips you to navigate your daily experiences and interpersonal interactions by strengthening and flexing your Mind Muscle™.

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If you are interested in discussing our experiences as humans and our humanity, learning about how to navigate life’s challenges and having a few laughs along the way, enjoy our Pain to Possibilities™ publications!

What people are saying

This program has returned me to a former version of myself (the one that had goals and dreams and was untainted by the world). It has reminded me of what is important and what not to take for granted. It has provided me with a 'no regret' opportunity for a well-deserved future self. This program will change your life - personally and professionally. It provides the knowledge, research, practical skill set and consistency to alter how you currently engage with the world.

~Christine - Victim Services