Mind Armour® is about leaning into the full experience of your LIFE.

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Who we are

We support individuals, communities, organizations, and businesses build their Mind Armour®. Drawing from ground-breaking research and evidence-based interventions, we design and create engaging content and experiences, motivating people to move from their pain to possibilities.

The Mind Armour® concept of mental health embraces the whole human experience. The emphasis is on LIFE— Leaning Into the Full Experience.

Sajel Bellon, founder of Mind Armour®, fights passionately for people to have access to knowledge and skills, enabling them to live full and meaningful lives, according to their own definition.

Our Community

The Mind Armour® community is comprised of individuals of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and professions. Everyone in the Mind Armour® community is in the right place – needed, wanted, and valued.

Our community realizes that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. We understand that the suicidal mind is a normal human reaction to unbearable emotions and painful experiences.

We work together to move from pain to possibilities, becoming stronger and more resilient through our trauma. You are welcome here.

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What people are saying

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a tremendous amount in a relatively short time period. I know I will be further applying this information to my daily work life, as well as my personal life. It's a great feeling to be able to help those close to me using effective,
well-researched materials and evidence-based techniques and tools. Absolutely take this course! The benefits will ripple out beyond you, into your workplace, your family and your community.

~Bill -Police Service