BYLINE BIO: Psychotherapist, Stress Specialist, Professor and Professional Speaker Sajel Bellon is a foremost international expert having helped thousands of first responders deal with the implications of long-term, high stress situations. She teaches them to put their pain into context so they can see the possibilities. As the creator of Mind Armour®, she has the strategies we all need to help us cope and adapt today. For more information and to receive a free download of Pivoting the Panic: Understanding Our Emotions, go to or

BROADCAST BIO: Have you ever thought about how the human body and mind are wired to respond quickly to short-lived crisis situations, not to survive or thrive under long-haul stress? Our guest today, Psychotherapist Sajel Bellon, is a foremost expert in helping people in high-stress situations deal with the variety of emotions including exhaustion, frustration, anger, and thoughts of suicide that come with prolonged stress. She has helped thousands of people move from pain to possibilities. For more information and to receive a free download of Pivoting the Panic: Understanding Our Emotions, go to or

Welcome, Sajel. Aren’t we all experiencing long-haul stress today?

FULL BIO: Sajel Bellon remembers from an early age knowing that people were her passion. She loved listening to the myriad of people from different countries, different backgrounds, and different perspectives that passed through the Canadian home of her Persian mother and Indian father. She loved listening to their stories and found she was easily able to connect emotionally to their struggles and triumphs. 

However, in her community, Sajel could not turn a blind eye to the domestic violence, undercover addictions, or unmentionable mental strains, and illnesses. With her sense of safety shaken, this young “big girl” who also didn’t fit the traditional cultural concept of beauty, found herself exhausted from feeling powerless, hopeless, and lonely. She would often cry herself to sleep not feeling “good enough” and praying for it all to end. 

Little did she know that what she was living through was in preparation for her life’s purpose: Educating and helping others discover that their worth is not defined by their situations, struggles or skin. These experiences laid the foundation for her superpowers for making other feel “seen, valued, and heard,” seeing into their souls, like she once dreamed of being seen.

Today, at 45, Sajel is a happily married woman, mother of two pre-teen children, and has a thriving practice. She has helped thousands of first responders and individuals in high stress occupations with her Mind Armour® solutions. Brought in by leaders to train thousands of professionals and guide dozens of organizations seeking to hire-to-retire mentally healthier people. 

Sajel’s expertise and success in working with the high-stress sectors of society started with her ability to discover her own superpowers as a young woman. Later, she advanced her own multi-disciplinary academic background, which includes years of counseling, training, and teaching other professionals. Her personal life-experiences connected to “destigmatizing” mental health conversations and the suicidal mind further enhance her ability to connect with people. 

Sajel knows that difficult circumstances and experiences do not define a person’s worth or destiny. She sees people for who they are and not what they are going through. She knows that pain is inevitable and doesn’t have to be paralyzing, not when we give ourselves permission to be human. Sajel is committed to moving us all from pain to possibilities.

Sajel Bellon lives in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, with her husband Vincent, her daughter Sanaiya, and son Antonio, and their three Shih Tzu’s, Zegna, Tyrian, and Khaleesi. (Shout out to all you Game of Thrones fans!) 

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