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Redefining Mental Health – Fixing What’s Broken
The World Health Organization’s (WHO) commonly accepted definition of mental health is “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” Through Mind Armour® Sajel recognizes and acknowledges that wellness or well-being isn’t the only human experience; we can create and adopt healthy and unhealthy ways of “coping” and living.   

Relationships, Resiliency and Reinvention: Getting Past the Pandemic, Politics and Other Crises
Today we are all facing constantly changing circumstances that create uncertainty in areas of our life that until recently we believed to be foundational. Through her Mind Armour® program, Sajel presents integrated ground-breaking scientific research and evidence-based strategies that you can easily connect with and apply to create the resilience necessary to thrive in your daily life today. 

Gen Z and Unprecedented Uncertainty
The pandemic and other recent societal stressors have created the potential for long-term consequences for teens and young adults in particular, ages 13-23, known as Gen Z. Sajel Bellon, mother of two, gives you 5 steps to identify if someone you love is experiencing trauma and help put them on the path to coping. 

What are We Teaching Our Children About Emotions?
We are creating emotionally challenged generations because of the labels we have attached to emotions being negative or positive. Sajel Bellon will introduce you to a new perspective on how we can connect and leverage our emotions with our kids and our relationships.

Creating a Safe Space
Difficult conversations are becoming part of daily life. Sajel Bellon will share with you the key methods she uses to create a place of sharing and emotional growth for even the most resistant individuals.

Our National Mental Health Crisis
Everywhere we turn today there is stress: the pandemic, joblessness, homelessness, political conflict, and other negative factors that show no signs of ending. Sajel Bellon shares the same help she has been giving thousands of high stress first responders on how to do more than just “get through the day.”

Leaning into Life
We are facing a global mental health crisis that could yield serious health and social consequences for years to come.
Sajel Bellon can show you that difficult circumstances and experiences do not define a person’s worth or destiny; pain isn’t stagnant and doesn’t have to be paralyzing. 

Workplace Well-Being: Employers Supporting Employees
Whether you’ve never stopped going to the office, or you’ve been “going to work” at your kitchen table for the last year, work stress is work stress. Sajel Bellon equips businesses, big and small, with the tools to enhance emotional resilience so employees can thrive, and businesses can continue to hire and retire healthy people.

Post-Traumatic Stress or Post-Traumatic Growth?
Most people don’t understand what PTS is, let alone are able to recognize it in themselves or others. Sajel Bellon says before you dismiss the possibility, learn what to look for and what steps to take to heal. 

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