Interview Questions

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. What is long-haul stress?
  2. How does stress affect us? What impact can it have on our health, relationships, and quality of life?
  3. Does stress affect different people differently? Does stress in different situations look different and affect us differently? 
  4. Do children manifest stress in the same way as adults?
  5. Is the objective to eliminate stress from our lives?
  6. How do you describe resilience, having resilience in our daily lives? Why is it important?
  7. You talk a lot about Mind Armour®. What is that?
  8. You tell people in your talks that “you are not alone.” What if, in today’s society, people truly are alone. What if people truly are isolated? How does that affect not only the individual but society as a whole?
  9. You describe Mind Armour® as a revolutionary concept. What is it and why is it revolutionary?
  10. What role does language play in the amount of stress in our lives and our ability to handle it?
  11. What do you mean by the phrase “high-quality connection?”
  12. What steps can we take to help the people in our lives who are showing signs of stress overload?
  13. What steps can we take to help ourselves if we’re feeling overwhelmed?
  14. How do you help companies create resilient workforces? What do they need to look at and what actions can they take?
  15. A lot of people believe that inability to deal with adversity is a weakness. What do you say about that?
  16. What do you mean when you say we should give ourselves permission to be human?
  17. Many of us can feel uncomfortable or intimidated to say anything to someone who says they are having suicidal thoughts. We may be afraid to say the wrong thing. What can we offer?
  18. What is the concept of “Cause for Pause?” 
  19. How are you hoping to “destigmatize” the suicidal mind and conversations around mental health? Why is this important?

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