Sajel Bellon and Mind Armour® are revolutionizing the concept of mental health.

Mind Armour® is revolutionizing the concept of mental health so that it no longer emphasizes the mutual exclusivity of wellness or illness, but rather embraces both, as vital parts of the human experience. By being empowered through education, you are better able to engage and take more agency over your quality of life. So many more of us can live life on our own terms and to our fullest potential.

This new concept of mental health encompasses and embraces the whole human experience. Our well-being, including our emotional and mental states, exists and moves along on a spectrum of life experiences. We exercise our Mind Muscle™ as we navigate the ups and downs of life’s inevitable stressors. We are consistently building resiliency or being strained in fragility. The important part is recognizing that many of us are able to overcome most of our struggles and obstacles successfully, and are becoming even stronger to face the next challenge.

What people are saying

Sajel stepped up to the plate for our conference for non-profit professionals: she had a brief time period to provide a LOT of information, and she excelled. Participants found her presentation invigorating, packed with helpful tips for leveraging emotions in the workplace, and a perfect addition to the virtual conference day. Sajel was prepared and tuned in to the needs of the group, helping participants pivot to a focused conversation on the role of mental health and emotions in the challenging non-profit environment. I look forward to any opportunity to work with Sajel again!

~Sammy Feilchenfeld
Manager, Training at Volunteer Toronto