Breaking the stigma around mental health

Together, we can smash the stigma

First Responders
Supporting the Emergency Services and High-Stress Sectors build their Mind Armour™ from recruitment through to retirement.

Drawing from ground-breaking research and evidence-based interventions, Sajel designs and creates engaging audience experiences, motivating people to move from their pain to possibilities.

The reality many First Responders face

Many first responders deny or resist seeking mental healthcare due to the longstanding stigmatization.

If you haven’t sought out mental healthcare before because of fear of stigmatization, you’re in the right place.

The Mind Armour™ community is committed to seeing that mental illness and suicide are safe topics in this and other high stress sectors.


Drawing from her extensive professional background, and enhanced by her own life experiences, Sajel speaks directly to your circumstances and experiences. She presents integrated evidence-based strategies that you can easily connect with and apply in your daily life to promote your well-being and resilience. You, too, can move from pain to possibilities

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Personally & Professionally Invested


Cultivating Human Connection: in this brave and vulnerable TEDx talk, Sajel shares her personal story of dealing with suicidal thoughts from her most beloved family members. From her professional expertise, she also shares what every one of us can do to help save lives today.

”Her warm, gentle voice helps you listen to her personal stories with courage and compassion.” – Barbara Csanits

Your warmth, humour and passion for your work were a treat to encounter. Regarding the presentation: I was touched by your openness, your compassion for those who are travelling a difficult road, and your encouragement to all who listened. Seeing the group respond to what you had to say, and to one another in the small group activity was evidence that it was a timely message that was well received. Your message of being free to be human, free to feel what we are feeling and the encouragement to have compassion for others and for ourselves gives much food for thought for all who were present, myself included. Thank you.

~Seminar Guest