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Canadian Psychotherapist, Stress Specialist, Professor, and Professional Speaker Sajel Bellon teaches people to put their pain into context so they can see the possibilities of what’s next.

The human body and mind are wired to respond quickly to short-lived crisis situations, not to survive or thrive under long-haul stress. The pandemic of 2020, however, caused an accelerated shift in our human experiences by creating prolonged situations of high stress and constant adaptation for everyone. 

As a foremost international expert having helped thousands of first responders deal with the implications of long-term occupational stress caused by rapidly changing situations, Sajel Bellon has the strategies we all can benefit from to help us cope and adapt today.

Sajel’s expertise in successfully working with high-stress sectors of society comes from her own multi-disciplinary academic background, years of counseling, training, and teaching other professionals, along with her personal life-experience with her firefighter husband and understanding the suicidal mind.

“People had to quickly adapt to their new reality. What has followed, however, is mass exhaustion, frustration, sadness and anger. People’s windows of tolerance have become much smaller. As a result, we have witnessed increased domestic violence, divorce, and suicide rates. The consequences of these kinds of traumas will not disappear overnight or on their own.”

Mind Armour’s® concept of mental health embraces the whole human experience, moving along a looping continuum, like an infinity symbol. By arming you with an understanding of how the brain and your emotions work, you can learn how to leverage stress and other common aspects of daily life. Mind Armour® essentially empowers and equips you to navigate your mental health journey by flexing your Mind Muscle™, building strength and resilience, throughout your life. Mental illness can become a piece of your life experience and not a lifelong sentence. The emphasis is on LIFE, leaning into the full experience.

Sajel developed Mind Armour® solutions for everyone from parents and students to grocery store clerks and CEO’s, as well as first responders and their families. They benefit from the integrated scientific research and evidence-based strategies that can easily be connected and applied in their daily lives. 

“We’re all human. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. Chronic high stress is now a collective human experience.” 

Traditional psychology has an illustrious history of trying to fix what’s broken. Sajel Bellon’s wheelhouse is using the science of positive psychology, which focuses on what’s working well and leveraging it; it is the study of what makes life worth living.

Sajel knows that difficult circumstances and experiences do not define a person’s worth or destiny; that pain is inevitable but doesn’t have to be paralyzing. In industries and life in general, where the exposure to trauma is unavoidable, it is essential to provide the tools to promote post-traumatic growth and enhance emotional resilience, so individuals can thrive, and businesses can continue to hire and retire mentally healthier people.

Sajel was born in England to an African-born Indian father and a Indian-born Persian mother. She grew up in Canada, the country she calls home. Not “typical” by anyone’s standard, and not fitting the stereotypical beauty standards of her South Asian culture, she dared to embrace her uniqueness and non-conformity. She let her curiosity and high energy enthusiasm take the reins at a young age, taking on tough topics and advocating for underdogs. She grew up being intrigued in the stories of other people’s lives and wanting to help everyone give themselves the permission to be human. 

Now, as a wife, mother, and successful professional, having overcome her own life struggles, Sajel’s purpose in life is educating people around the world that a person’s value is not defined by their situations, struggles, or skin. We all have what it takes to move from pain to possibilities.

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