“Sajel brought the crowd of over 250 conference attendees to their feet for a standing ovation.

Weaving her personal and professional knowledge and experience, we were taught first hand how to better understand and respond to mental health issues, for first responders, for partners of first responders and truly, everyone in the room.

There were tears, there were laughs and there was a whole lot of informed, meaningful learning. I highly recommend Sajel, she will leave your audience better off than when the started their day.”
Michelle Thomason, PhD.
Director, Safety Branch, Department of Labour, Skills & Immigration

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a tremendous amount in a relatively short time period. I know I will be further applying this information to my daily work life, as well as my personal life. It’s a great feeling to be able to help those close to me using effective,
well-researched materials and evidence-based techniques and tools. Absolutely take this course! The benefits will ripple out beyond you, into your workplace, your family and your community.”
Police Service