What People Are Saying About Sajel Bellon

“Your warmth, humour and passion for your work were a treat to encounter. Regarding the presentation: I was touched by your openness, your compassion for those who are travelling a difficult road, and your encouragement to all who listened. Seeing the group respond to what you had to say, and to one another in the small group activity was evidence that it was a timely message that was well received. Your message of being free to be human, free to feel what we are feeling and the encouragement to have compassion for others and for ourselves gives much food for thought for all who were present, myself included. Thank you.” ~ Seminar Guest

“This program has returned me to a former version of myself (the one that had goals and dreams and was untainted by the world). It has reminded me of what is important and what not to take for granted. It has provided me with a ‘no regret’ opportunity for a well-deserved future self.

This program will change your life – personally and professionally. It provides the knowledge, research, practical skill set and consistency to alter how you currently engage with the world.” ~ Christie, Victim Services Coordinator

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a tremendous amount in a relatively short time period. I know I will be further applying this information to my daily work life, as well as my personal life. It’s a great feeling to be able to help those close to me using effective, well-researched materials and evidence-based techniques and tools. Absolutely take this course! The benefits will ripple out beyond you, into your workplace, your family and your community.” ~ Bill, Police Service